By day, I'm a marketer. By lunch breaks, evenings, nights, and weekends, I'm a traveler, a wanderer, an adventurer.


Believe in keeping their heads down. Somehow, they stay completely focused on their jobs at hand, until their next vacations approach. As some people live paycheck to paycheck, they live holiday to holiday, knowing that the days off, and adventures, to come will be enough to get them through. Sadly, I've never been that person. I need a trip per month to keep me sane. Sort of.

In fact, what I actually need is to return from an adventure, already aware when the next one will be. And for my sanity, your sanity, and the sanity of all who have to deal with me on a semi-regular basis, it had better be in my very near future.


I could continue to live my life in such a manner, doing that holiday to holiday thing, which, while it kind of worked for me, made my friends and colleagues edgier than I'd like to admit, or I could come up with my own solution. Which, with the help of my current employers, is what I did. Now I'm the marketer on the move. Revolutionary? It seems that way. But, despite my occasional blunders, it shouldn't be. 

Join me here as I find my way from city to city, country to country, culture to culture, while working to stay employed, keep my clients happy, and actually have a hell of a time.